Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Is Happening Inside President Mills Administration –Tanko Asks?

It is sad to witness such mal practicing in one of the leading democratic nation in the continent of Africa. Democracy is a system of government by the people for the people but what we are witnessing in my great nation of Ghana is a one man democracy. People act for their own self-interest instead of that of the entire nation that placed them there. For example, ministers awarding or drawing up contracts for themselves like wise council of state elders purchases the next generation of cars while in office just less than a year.

The question now is this; can this growing attitude among our leaders be overturned? Yes, it can be overturned only if we the youth stand firmly against the causes, perpetrators, effects or danger of it, and be ready to acknowledge it as a social disease that needs to be eradicated objectively and with a common purpose by all.

To me, leadership means uniting people around a common purpose, rather than dividing them along ideological lines, I always viewed politics as a way to make a positive difference for the common good –a belief that had been instilled in me early in life.

Many people choose to get involved in politics as student activists at college or as young citizens involved in civic affairs, or as middle –aged people concerned with their community. A few like me were born with politic in blood. I have been involved with politics in one way or anther for as long as I can remember.

One feature of contemporary politics did not have a profound impact on the transition, probably without Professor Mills’ intention or awareness, since he a creature of politics nor had a background in it. I’m referring to the “permanent campaign”, a shorthand term for the way political leaders today work 365 days a year, year in and year out, to shape and manipulate sources of public approval as the primary means for governing. Because of the power and ubiquity of the permanent campaign, the jockeying for power during the 2008 presidential race did not end with the inauguration but simply morphed into a different phase-governance.

I do not believe that any of Mills senior advisers took time during the transition period to learn and absorb the lessons offered by the previous government. I know they did not. If they had, they might have taken steps to minimize the impact of the permanent campaign and prevent some of the problems that plagued Mills at defining moments of his presidency Instead; the permanent campaign was firmly ensconced in the Mills Appointment from the beginning, virtually guaranteeing that it would play a major role in the administration. Of course, the game of politics has been dramatically redefined.

As a sovereign citizen of Ghana, I wish to seize this opportunity to remind his Excellency Professor Mills of his promises to the Ghanaian people especially that of the gruesome murder of the Dogbon over lord, Ya-Na and his Kinsmen in addition to Alhaji Issa Mobila and many others.

I am convinced that, if we take a clear-look at how our system has gone awry and think seriously about how to fix it, there is nothing we cannot achieve. This article, I hope, will contribute to that national conversation.

Thank you and May the almighty God help us all to stop sycophantic politics in Ghana.

“With God the Impossible can be Possible”.

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